Incredible poster dunk from S.C. unearths one of the most athletic guards you’ll ever see

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

There have been plenty of remarkable prep dunks over the course of the 2012-13 basketball season. It’s Prep Rally’s humble opinion that few, if any, have been more impressive than the one you see directly below.

The youngster slamming home the dunk in question is Jaylen Shaw, a mesmerizingly athletic point guard for Hartsville (S.C.) High. The guard is athletic, has blazing speed and a penchant for making big plays at the rim.

The entire senior year highlight reel contained above is a veritable master class of explosive athleticism, yet nothing tops the preposterous poster jam Prep Rally focused on above. Shaw not only went over a defender standing directly in his way on a fast break, he cleared him with ease, like some kind of a condor soaring over a cliff.

More impressive is just how high Shaw got, given his height of 6-foot-1. He’s way, way above the rim often on his most important plays, whether they be dunks or ridiculous chase down blocks at rim level.

He would have some competition for this title, but Shaw’s slams are so aggressive and athletic he might just be the most exciting prep dunker since Shaq Johnson (now starring at Auburn).

Unlike Johnson, who was frequently feted here on Prep Rally and elsewhere on the internet, Shaw seems to have gone completely under the national radar. He doesn’t have a single scholarship offer from a significant Division I basketball program, with only Tulane among schools that could even be considered a chance for him to play in front of TV cameras.

That’s incredible for such a remarkable athlete. Perhaps if Shaw’s dunk gets a little more airtime he might just end up somewhere more people will get to take his feats in first person. Otherwise, it’ll take treks to Winthrop, Presbyterian, Radford or High Point just to get a look at one of the most athletic prospects in the Class of 2013.

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