Impromptu U-16 national team dunk contest is one of the best you’ll ever see

What happens when a group of the world’s most athletic 16-year-old basketball players have time to kill after a practice? Evidently they launch into a spontaneous dunk contest that could rival the best impromptu slam-offs of all-time, if not the best officially sanctioned ones.

The players you see throwing down the completely ridiculous, almost ludicrous slams you see above are Seventh Woods, Malik Monk, Ivan Rabb and Terrance Ferguson. All four are members of the U.S. national team’s U-16 squad, which means that they are 16-years-old or younger.

Keep in mind, these guys had just completed a competitive practice, and they still had the energy and athleticism to do this. Wow.

Let’s not beat around the bush here. These guys could compete in a collegiate dunk contest tomorrow. Heck, they could probably compete in the NBA dunk contest and improve it tomorrow.

In fact, if one were trying to judge the impromptu contest that the four combined for after their national team practice, it would be incredibly hard to pick a winner.

On athleticism it would probably be Seventh Woods, right? Or maybe Malik Monk. Or, maybe Terrance Ferguson is the most ridiculous of all the teen slammers, even if he is the tallest of the quartet.

No matter. All four of the teens are standout superstars in training. They’re worthy of much closer attention in the years ahead. Woods has already landed on Prep Rally with a highlight mixtape that was almost too much to be believed, and based on his dunk body of work, something tells us we’ll see him right here again sometime soon, just as we will the likes of Monk, Rabb and Ferguson.

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