Illinois athlete charged with disorderly conduct for exposing himself in team’s annual yearbook photo

Cameron Smith
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The 2013 Maine South Eyrie briefly featured an athlete exposing himself — Chicago Sun-Times
The 2013 Maine South Eyrie briefly featured an athlete exposing himself — Chicago Sun-Times

Oh, those pesky prep pranksters. Sometimes they’re pulling stunts out of Animal House, sometimes they’re lazily pulling the old “snap my shorts!” trick, slipping their genitals out for all to see in perpetuity."

Now, a 16-year-old who pulled just such a stunt during his team’s annual yearbook photo is facing charges after his school was forced to pull back all of its initial copies of the yearbook before distribution. The stunt has reportedly cost the school as much as $1,400.

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The stunt took place at Park Ridge (Ill.) Maine South High, and featured a sophomore on an unidentified varsity sports team. The player in question intentionally pulled his genitalia out and left it in front of his shorts during the team’s photo, an act which has now landed him in juvenile court on a charge of disorderly conduct.

“[The exposition] does appear intentional,” Park Ridge Police Deputy Chief Lou Jogmen told the Chicago Tribune.

According to the Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times and CBS Chicago, the school spent the aforementioned $1,400 outlay removing and replacing the explicit photo from all 2,000-odd copies of the annual Eyrie, the school’s official yearbook.

The student’s identity has been protected because of his age, but there’s little question that his classmates know who he is. That’s probably what he was after, though the punishment that may befall him now could provide an ample deterrent to ensure he doesn’t try the snap my shorts gambit again anytime soon.

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