Identical twins connect to drive Pennsylvania team's offense

Jules E. Mastbaum (Pa.) Vo-Tech High School's football team earned its first win last Friday in a 28-0 rout, and it had two big reasons for it. It just so happens that those two big reasons are virtually indistinguishable, and are separated officially by only two letters and four pounds.

Yes, we're talking about identical twins, in practically the most identical way possible. Mastbaum's Tyree and Tyrin Stone-Davis look exactly alike. They're both 6-foot-2, and Tyree is 180 pounds while Tyrin is 184. As a Philadelphia Daily News story points out, the two are connecting on more than a visual level for the Panthers, leading the team on offense as quarterback (Tyree) and wide receiver (Tyrin). They're like the Barber brothers, except on the same side of the ball.

"One of us always says what the other one's thinking," they told the Daily News, using pretty much the same words in separate interviews.

This year they're clearly thinking about the same things: yards and touchdowns. Through three games, Tyree has thrown for 357 yards and five touchdowns. His brother Tyrin is his primary receiver, grabbing three of those touchdown passes and 245 yards in all.

"First of all, he has a good arm," Tyrin told the Daily News of his brother. "Smart in the pocket. Knows where and when to throw the ball. Reads defenses. Real athletic, too, because he can get out of the pocket."

Tyrin knows his brother so well because they've spent almost every moment of their lives together. The two shared a room until this past summer, when Tyrin quietly moved into a room abandoned by their older brother Tre when he left for college. Yet even that hasn't been able to keep them from spending time together.

"We're still always in each other's room," Tyree told the Daily News. "Talking about school, life and football. He's my best friend. I love him to death."

Evidently a change in in-home location wasn't any more successful at slowing the chatty duo than a split in elementary classrooms. The duo says they had to be separated after second grade because they talked too much in class.

That hasn't kept them from collaborating on what drives them crazy about being a twin, as they both separately told the Daily News.

"I guess the one thing I don't like," Tyree said, "is how, at least a billion times a year, when we're standing right there together, someone will ask, 'Are y'all twins?' Rhetorical question. Seems like it's just people's habit. You see them on the street and hear them saying, 'They do like alike, but I'm gonna ask them just in case.'" [...]

Said Tyrin: "I wouldn't say being a twin is that cool, really. You get the same questions every day. 'Are you a twin?' Or, 'Which one are you? Tyree or Tyrin?'"

Evidently twins really do think alike. Or is that colloquialism reserved for quarterbacks and receivers? Either way, the Stone-Davises have it covered.

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