HS baseball player scores on crazy botched suicide squeeze attempt

We're not entirely sure if this play at the plate was planned, but a recent baseball game between Lick-Wilmerding (Calif.) High and University (Calif.) High produced a crazy finish that has to be seen to be believed.

Courtesy: John and Bryan O'Malley

With the game tied in the bottom of the eighth inning, Lick-Wilmerding had a great chance to win the game with runners on second and third. But instead of trying for a sacrifice fly, Lick-Wilmerding tried to pull off a suicide squeeze, considered to be one of the riskiest plays in baseball.

There was just one problem: The Lick-Wilmerding batter failed to lay down the bunt. After squaring to make contact, he pulled away as the catcher went to the ground to block the ball. Assuming the ball was going to be in play, baserunner Drew Forrest enters the frame, sprinting towards the plate.

It's difficult to tell at first glance if Forrest intended to steal home or run on a bunt. But after taking multiple looks at the clip, we're confident it was merely a botched squeeze play that went in Lick-Wilmerding's favor.

You'd have to assume he'd already come down the line to the point of no return, so his two options were turn around and get caught in a potential rundown, or try his luck with the botched suicide squeeze.

Forrest, of course, chose the latter option, and somehow managed to make something out of nothing, using some fancy footwork and body contortion to tip-toe his way around the catcher's outstretched arm and score the winning run.

If you're wondering why University High was screaming at the end of the clip, take a look a where Forrest's feet are in relation to the basepath. Did he go outside the path to score? That's a tough call to make. The bottom line is the umpire didn't see anything wrong with it, which is a good thing for us, because this botched suicide squeeze is pretty impressive.

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