Horrendous California girls basketball cheap shot goes unpunished

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Former University of Utah girls soccer player Elizabeth Lambert may have set the standard for cheap shots, but one unidentified player in a recent girls basketball game in California came awfully close in response to taking a relatively mild elbow to the midsection.

As originally tweeted out by Jimmy Traina of SI Hot Links fame, the nasty action can be seen in the paint in the video above, just after it begins. The unidentified power forward from what Prep Rally believes to be San Luis Obispo (Cal.) High sends what seems to be a pretty average elbow to the gut (proverbially speaking) of her counterpart from Atascadero (Cal.) High, a player who according to MaxPreps’ roster is senior Stacey Brown, number 23 in white.

That turned out to be a very bad idea. As soon as the initial elbow made contact, Brown (or, failing that, whoever the player wearing number 23 actually is) delivered one of the most vicious high elbows to the face that you will ever see. The shot made immediate contact with the visiting players face, leaving her doubled over in pain … and eventually hobbling off the court to the sideline.

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One can understand why the visiting player would be in so much pain; if she made it out of the game with all her teeth that would be a mild accomplishment after that shot to the mouth.

Incredibly, both the initial shot and secondary blow seemed to go unnoticed by the referees, leaving the physical damage as the only lasting legacy of the cheap shots. If course, they didn’t go unnoticed on tape. There has been no word as of yet about whether either player could see any retrospective disciplinary action.

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