What’s that Honker? It’s North Dakota’s best mascot

Cameron Smith
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There's no debating North Dakota's best mascot. It's the Honkers, by a distance.

Kenmare competes with two other schools in football, but they're all Honkers — Burke Central School District
Kenmare competes with two other schools in football, but they're all Honkers — Burke Central School District

OK, that might not be entirely fair. Still, Kenmare (N.D.) High found a unique way to honor the most populous and popular bird in its area while still captivating the imagination. The Honkers name, obviously, is a nod to the sound made by Canada geese.

Better yet, the Honkers' student mascot comes dressed as a giant goose. Even better: According to USA Today, opposing squads often organize student groups to come dressed in hunting camouflage as a reference to -- you guessed it -- goose hunts.

They can dress as whatever they like but they can't take anything away from the Honkers' mascot credibility.


Other Great North Dakota Mascots of Note:

If there was a legitimate challenger to the Honkers, it would have to be the Fargo (N.D.) Oak Grove Lutheran School Grovers. Sadly, these Grovers are not a reference to the Sesame Street character. Instead, the Grovers are a reference to the Norwegian name for lumberjacks, in an area where there are plenty of lumberjacks. Happily, that hasn't completely kept the Sesame Street out of Fargo; students have still been known to dress up as the character borne of Jim Henson's imagination in the stands during big football games.

If you had to guess what inspired the Grafton (N.D.) High Spoilers, what would you think led to the mascot? If you pegged the school as a small one with a knack for upsets, pat yourself on the back. Unfortunately, the school never truly came up with an appropriate physical embodiment for a "Spoiler", leading instead to a Green Bay Packers-like "G".

Ever wondered if there was a high school mascot named after a bridge? Well, now you know there is: The Valley City (N.D.) Hi-Liners are named after the Hi-Line Railroad Bridge, which is an awe-inspiring 162 feet high and 3,860 feet long, one of the highest and longest railroad bridges anywhere.

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