Holy cow! Australian prep runner James Gallaugher closes the biggest relay gap you’ll ever see

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

It's far too cold across most of America to even contemplate outdoor track and field relay races. That's not the case in Australia, where the country is careening into the summer on the back of a full spring (American fall) full of exciting prep "athletics" (i.e., track and field) competition.

Still, no race can possibly outdo the one you see in the video above, with an Australian speedster closing what can only be described as a seemingly insurmountable gap to win the 4x100 relay at the New South Wales Primary Schools Sports Administration State Athletic Championship.

To be fair, all Prep Rally was able to unearth after fairly exhaustive research was that A) the race you see above decided the state champion from among all different New South Wales schools, with Ulladulla Public School emerging victorious, and B) the anchor leg of the Ulladulla Public School is ridiculously fast. Further investigation revealed that the sprinter in question is a Ulladulla 12-year-old named James Gallaugher. Anyone probably could have gleaned B from a cursory glance at the final 12 seconds of that relay.

By Prep Rally's count, Gallaugher closed a full two-second gap on the leader, and did so in a manner more befitting a robot than a human being. He closed the gap with a leg turnover that was roughly twice as fast as his competitor.

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Incredibly, Australian reports claim that Gallaugher has already clocked a 100-meter sprint at a time of just 11.72 seconds, a time that would have won the 1896 Olympic gold in Athens. His 11.72 mark is faster than any recognized time in the U.S. or Australia for a runner his age.

Gallaugher's coach insists that the video of his feat that has captured the world's attention won't be the last we hear of the Ulladulla resident.

"James is a standout. I wouldn't just say it because he is someone I coach. He is a freak and I mean that in the very best way," Ulladulla track coach James Richardson told News Ltd. "He has just got the build and the legs and just the natural propensity to running with a good technique without much interference.

"If he increases his speed on what he is running now which is 11.7 for electronic, he is going to be running 10.9s in the not-too-distant future which is incredible for someone his age."

For now, Gallaugher's miraculous comeback was nothing short of mesmerizing, with a well-earned title at the finish line. Hopefully it won't be the last we'll see of great Australian sports achievements during the American winter. If it is, at least we can all rest easier knowing we saw the best.

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