Hockey mom walks on to the ice to scold players, refs during youth hockey brawl

The anti-fighting movement has been thriving in youth hockey in the U.S. Still, that hasn't halted all violence in the youth game, which was enough to send one hockey mom into a drastic move at a recent rink stop; when two teams of Boston youngsters started brawling, the mother of one player walked right out onto the ice herself to scold them in person.

As first brought to Prep Rally's attention by Sportress of Blogitude, the video you see above, which was shared with Yahoo! by YouTube user Fox Puck, depicts a full-force, on-ice melee during a matchup between two Boston youth summer programs, the Boston Raptors and the Tribe. Just as the entire squads for both teams began to get involved, an as yet unidentified hockey mom went striding out onto the ice.

Luckily for all involved, the official nearest to the gate through which the woman walked immediately skated over and shooed her off the playing surface. That move may have kept the woman from any harm — or a rash attack on someone on the ice — but it also elicited a rampant, finger-waggling critique of the referee's ability to control the game, as well.

Interestingly, the hockey mom's jaunt onto the ice may have actually achieved her goal; as soon as she had been ushered off, the fight between the Raptors and Tride suddenly stopped.

While there have been few official details about the teams and players involved in the brawl, not to mention the pink-jacketed woman, the YouTube video above lists the two teams as competing in the Midget level, which is an 18-and-under classification, though, as one commenter noted, the players do look like they belong more to the Bantam classification, which encompasses the 16-and-under age group.

The Raptors (sidenote: doesn't their logo look more like a dragon than a raptor?), who play at the Boston Bruins' facility in Wilmington, Mass., are designated as an Elite/AAA program, which means that while this may have not been an all-star prep matchup, it definitely featured some significant players.

No matter what level the game was played at, it was bound to go down in local hockey lore as soon as a mom decided she had seen enough.

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