Hockey mom convicted of sexually assaulting two of her son’s teenage teammates

Hockey moms are a thankless bunch. They never get proper credit for all those early morning car rides, washer loads of stinky socks and sex acts with your teammates.

Kathia Maria Davis, 46, will serve 18 months in jail for sexually assaulting two of her son's hockey teammates -- NBC Los Angeles

Wait, what?

Kathia Maria Davis, 46, will serve 18 months in jail for having sex with two of her son's teammates -- ages 14 and 16 -- according to an NBC Los Angeles report (h/t Big Lead).

While hosting booze-infused parties and sleepovers for her son's team, the hockey mom from Orange County reportedly had sexual intercourse with the 16-year-old four times from 2010-11 and masturbated the 14-year-old once a few years earlier, the report said.

"Holding all this in as a child forced me to grow up in ways I never wanted to," one victim told the court in a statement, relayed by NBC L.A. "She took the things that I loved most and ripped them out of my life. I will never know what could have been."

Davis was convicted last year on four felony counts of sexually assault on the 16-year-old, and she pled guilty last month to another four felony counts of sexual assault on the 14-year-old, the report said. She must register as a sex offender for the remainder of her life.

The mother of the 16-year-old first alerted police when her son told her that he consumed alcohol with Davis' teenaged daughter and had sex with Davis during a party at her home, the Orange County District Attorney's office announced on Tuesday.

Because of her time served between her arrest in 2012 and the guilty plea in late June, Davis will be released from jail next week, according to an OC Weekly report. She cannot enter any city parks or recreational areas as a result of her sex offender registration.

That probably means no more early morning car rides to the rink for this hockey mom.

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