Here’s the high school version of Jadeveon Clowney’s helmet removing hit

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Remember Jadeveon Clowney's monster hit in the 2013 Outback Bowl? You know, the one where he hit Michigan running back Vincent Smith so hard that his helmet flew off and Smith was separated from the ball quicker than Keith Jackson could say, "Whoa Nellie!". This one.

Well, here's the closest thing high school football has served up to that slobber-knocker. The hit was absolutely clean, dead-on and completed obliterated an opponent. The only difference was that this hit was delivered on the other side of the ball, on a block.

As noted by MaxPreps, among other outlets, Hill City High (Hill City, Kan.) wide receiver Mekhai Bates was simply trying to help out his scrambling running back, Gabe Hamel, who was trying to rescue a broken play. In the process, Hamel required some assistance when a fast closing defender appeared to have him lined up.

That's where Bates came in, leveling the would-be tackler from an unspecified squad with a hit so devastating that the defender's helmet flew off his head and traveled as far as 5 yards from where he went down.

The hit was completely legal and energized Hill City, though not enough to earn the team a win; the Ringnecks are just 1-5 on the season. Victory or not, there's little question that people in Hill City will be talking about Bates' block for some time to come.

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