High school hoopster wipes out after failed dunk attempt over ball rack

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

First things first: Prep Rally does not claim to know who this high school hoopster is. We know that this dunk attempt took place during an impromptu high school dunk contest after an early season tournament, but that is it.

Yet we also know that our protagonist is an ambitious dunker, even if that ambition sometimes causes him physical harm. Case in point: This failed attempt to bring the house down with a long distance, over athletic slam.

As you can see in the video above, which was brought to Prep Rally's attention by Total Pro Sports, the athletic young man in question attempted to win a slam dunk contest by leaping over a ball rack and completing a rather emphatic jam.

The stunt didn't go exactly as planned. In fact, it didn't go anything like it was planned. Rather, the would-be dunker wiped out in a heap after his ankles connected with the ball rack, leaving him in pain and the onlookers in an awkward grimace.

Luckily for all involved the dunker in question was apparently OK after hitting the court. Still, something tells Prep Rally that he may not be attempting any more Blake Griffin-worthy slams anytime soon.

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