High School Haiku: The hypocrisy of responsibility

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Each week, Prep Rally reflects on the most unique or divisive story of the week in haiku form. Here's this week's edition of High School Haiku:

On Tuesday, Prep Rally brought you the story of Erin Cox, the 17-year-old senior captain of the North Andover High (North Andover, Mass.) volleyball team. Despite trying to do the right thing by agreeing to pick up an inebriated friend from a party, Cox was penalized for being in the presence of alcohol. She was suspended and had her captaincy of the volleyball squad stripped, all for attempting to do the right thing.

The incident has rightfully fanned the flames of frustration around the country, and we here at Prep Rally are hard pressed not to join in.

Without further delay, here's The indignity of responsibility.

Now, do the right thing.
Take care of friends and teammates.
Just don't tell the cops.

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