High school football team undergoes full Navy SEAL workout, with predictable results

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Ever wondered what a high school football team would look like after dragging itself through a Navy SEAL workout customized for football players? Now we have an answer, thanks to the video below.

The team being put through these brutal paces is Mesa (Az.) Mountain View High, whose coach Chad Degrenier happily had his team undergo 12 consecutive hours of tough SEAL training, starting at 6 p.m.

In a bit of a surprise, Mountain View principal Greg Milbrandt was also supportive of the idea of having the football team undergo SEAL FIT training, though he did make clear that "safety is always the first priority."

Prep Rally is told that the SEAL FIT trainers feel the same way, though there are a few moments in this video when one wonders, if only a bit.

The full training session that the players completed was the SEAL FIT 20x program, which is designed "to transform and expand your definition of your capabilities as an athlete and human being." In addition to physical challenges, the program allegedly tests one's arousal control, attention control, visualization and positivity, decision making in chaos and -- here's the catch for high school coaches -- teamwork and leadership.

In order to achieve that, the Mountain View players spent 12 hours undergoing a series of increasingly difficult and demanding physical tasks. Dressed in camouflage pants and a white shirt, the teens started by soaking in an ice bath to drop their core temperature (that's a physical and mental challenge). They spent hours completing sprinting army crawls, sit ups and pull ups. And, eventually, around midnight they started doing more traditional football drills that incorporated football sleds.

Keeping in mind that the teens had been working out for a good six hours at that point, the tackling drills in the middle of the night were probably among the more challenging they'll complete this year, or ever.

Yet the true test of the night was apparently administered at 3:00 a.m. According to The Brown Family Blog, which is penned by the family of Mountain View player Clark Brown, the 3 o'clock hour was when the team took on a challenge called 'The Murph'. The full challenge consisted of the following events, taken on one after the next:

  • 1 mile run

  • 100 pull ups

  • 200 push ups

  • 300 squats

  • 1 mile run

That's two miles and a whole lot of other exercises after 9 hours of prior physical and mentally exhausting tasks. According to the Brown Family Blog all 70 players eventually finished the drill, though it took most quite some time, with Clark Brown reportedly leading the way at a time of 39 minutes.

The good news is that the entire team survived the drill, and was rewarded with a rather large breakfast after wrapping things up and taking a shower at 6 a.m.

"It's something that somebody else doesn't do" Degrenier said. That's a fair point. The only question is whether everyone else is a bit more sane for avoiding the training.

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