High school coach arrested for allegedly placing sticky notes on butt of student

Cameron Smith
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A high school basketball coach and science teacher in Colorado has been arrested for sexual assault following an incident with a female student which may have included oral sex but almost certainly included clearly inappropriate and disturbing messages sent via Post-It notes.

Colorado Springs Liberty basketball coach Travis Clark — El Paso County Sherriff's Office
Colorado Springs Liberty basketball coach Travis Clark — El Paso County Sherriff's Office

As reported by the Colorado Springs Gazette and a variety of other sources, 32-year-old Colorado Springs (Colo.) Liberty High basketball coach Travis Clark was arrested and charged with sexual assault for a series of incidents which involved one of the 17-year-old students in his science class.

According to news outlets, Clark was able to have the student in question released from class during the coach's free period three times in February so she could allegedly help organize basketball equipment in a locker room area the school calls "The Cage." The girl herself has testified to police that on the second of those incidents, Clark repeatedly placed Post-It notes on her rear end which displayed sexual messages like "very nice." Clark also allegedly tried to put his hand down the teen's pants only to have her back away and reject his advances.

While the victim herself has insisted that inappropriate contact occurred only on one occasion, her friends claim the two engaged in sexual contact on the very first occasion they were together in the locker room, with the victim bragging to her friends that she had given Clark oral sex.

As the connection between the two continued, the girl's friends became concerned that she would take him up on an offer to visit his apartment after she became "ungrounded." On the verge of that becoming a possibility, those friends stepped forward and informed police about the relationship between the two.

Luckily the relationship was stopped at that point, though Clark had already stepped far beyond legal lines of harassment and sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust, the charge which was officially levied against Clark.

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