High 5: An impressive spinorama TD and a lucky fumble bounce

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Each weekend, Prep Rally will be teaming with the good folks over at RivalsHigh TV to bring you 10 of the nation's best plays from the weekend's action. While those plays will focus only on top teams in key matchups, they also tend to feature some absolutely fantastic video gems.

Needless to say, the collection from Week 5 (officially, the past weekend's slate of games was the fifth for most regions of the country) didn't disappoint.

While any of the 10 highlights featured in the video above could turn heads, five in particular caught Prep Rally's rather discerning eye, with three almost too good to believe. While Miami (Fla.) Columbus High running back Daryl Chestnut's shoe-losing sprint (at No. 7) and Mentor (Ohio) High wide out Brandon Prince's back of the end zone toe-tap (at No. 4) were impressive, they couldn't quite compare to what immediately followed.

First, Palm Beach (Fla.) Dwyer linebacker and fullback Evan Harvey got the bounce of the season to recover a goal-line fumble in mid-air and trot it into the end zone. Those heroics were topped by a pretty spectacular 78-yard touchdown run from Erie (Pa.) McDowell High's Greg Garman, who forced no fewer than six North Allegheny (Pa.) High tacklers to miss before he eventually reached the end zone.

And then there was the spinorama touchdown of the year thus far, turned in by Cocoa (Fla.) High running back Antwan Lee. Rarely have defenses looked as befuddled as the South Daytona (Fla.) Warner Christian School unit which completely lost where Lee was on the 5-foot-10 junior back's first-half touchdown gallop.

Are these 10 the only great plays from the past few days? Certainly not, as InterTubing and plenty of other hidden gems have shown in recent weeks. Still, they're certain to be near the top of any list, no matter who is turning in the highlights.

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