Is Harrison Van Dorn the best kept hoops secret in the Class of 2015? Yes, yes he is

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Everything about this video is amazing, starting with the title: "Best Player in Class of 2015? Official Mixtape." Yup, apparently Harrison Van Dorn is the nation's top rising junior prep basketball talent. At least his performance in this driveway suggests as much.

And it only gets better with the description.

Harrison Van Dorn, a rising junior, shows out in this summer mixtape. Harrison already has interest from Duke and Kentucky. Here's highlights of him playing against some of the top competition on the East Coast.

Now, as far as we can tell, Harrison Van Dorn is indeed a rising junior at Floyd E. Kellam High in Virginia Beach, Va. As for whether he's on the Knights or not, he's never been mentioned in an online news story or any website in relation to the team. So, yeah.

Still, when asked how he stacks up against the top players in high school, Harrison Van Dorn says, "I mean, I'm not saying I'm the best, but no one says I'm not, you know?"

Yes, yes we do.

His "official mixtape" is filled with so much gold, we could probably put together a Top 25 list, but we'll start with the Top 5 highlights from "point center" Harrison Van Dorn.

5) The slow dribble reverse dunk (0:14). Plodding, yet prodigious.

4) The no dribble 360 (2:05). Either that's a mini basketball and a 7-foot rim, or Harrison Van Dorn's length makes the entire game seem smaller. Probably the latter.

3) The chase-down block (0:38). Downright LeBron-esque.

2) The wacky legs breakaway dunk (0:48). While this may seem completely unnecessary, its deception of a defense cannot be measured. Opponents simply stop to watch.

1) The ankle breaker (1:20). This crossover that isn't really a crossover leaves "the top competition on the East Coast" laying face first in shame -- just completely humiliated -- punctuated by Harrison Van Dorn's choice to pass up an open layup in favor of mockery.

In terms of skill-set, let's just say his handle needs some work and his jump shot is unconventional, but his celebrations are incomparable. And he doesn't need water.

Mr. T and Harrison Van Dorn just broing out -- Facebook
Mr. T and Harrison Van Dorn just broing out -- Facebook

Oh, and he hangs with Mr. T (see photo). Harrison Van Dorn. Man. Myth. Legend.

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