Hard Knocks for youth football? Soft Knocks is shot perfect

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Sure, you've seen HBO's "Hard Knocks," but have you seen "Soft Knocks"? Well, Prep Rally hadn't either, until the folks at Funny or Die pushed it across our desk. And, quite frankly, it's pretty stinking good.

As you can see above, the mock HBO promo is almost shot perfectly, from opening screen credit to closure. Overzealous coaches? Check. Threats of contract holdouts? Check. Helmet cams? Check. Preposterous voice-over quotes? Big check.

"From the bunk beds to their Dad's minivans they come … to win. To prove themselves on the public park gridiron."

While the Soft Knocks title and motto officially look almost identical to the New York Jets edition of "Hard Knocks," the voice-over subtitle of "Little kids, big hits" might be even funnier.

Of course, nothing is likely to top the running back who allegedly renegotiated his contact to include a $100-and-two-popsicle bonus for each touchdown he scored.

That's a good line, but it might have been a bit foolish for the budding 8-year-old star to cave so quickly. Prep Rally figures he could have landed a three-popsicle bonus with another day or two of holdout. Regardless, this much is certain: He got off better on the food end of the deal with popsicles than Marshawn Lynch did with Skittles.

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