A great play, but was TD an interception or fumble return?

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

What you see below is unquestionably a great play. Yet it also raises a fascinating question: Should this touchdown statistically be considered a fumble or interception?

The defensive end making the big-time play -- and you can only call that level of quarterback harassment a big-time play -- in the video above is Round Rock (Texas) Stony Point High stud James Hart. Officially, Hart was credited with an interception of Pflugerville quarterback Blain Kruemcke, and he returned the interception 34 yards for a Stony Point touchdown.

When you look closer, however, it becomes less clear whether Hart's athletic theft was an interception or a fumble recovery.

As pointed out by Paul Raymond of MySportsRumors.com, Hart's initial pass deflection actually bounced directly back to Kruemcke. The issue was that Kruemcke couldn't handle the deflected pass himself, and the football popped back up into the air.

That's when Hart pounced, rolling the remaining yards to the end zone.

So, the question remains: Was it an interception return or a fumble return? The result of that largely academic (yet enjoyable) debate may vary entirely depending on who's watching the play, but one thing is certain: Hart made a heck of a play.

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