Girls lax star scores record 13 goals in key rivalry game

Cameron Smith
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Kim Mulvehill is a prolific scorer. She is the leading scorer in New England's elite Independent Girls Conference, where she stars for Chapel Hill (Mass.) School. Yet Mulvehill, her coach and even her parents and biggest fans could hardly anticipate her incredible success during one of her team's biggest games of the season, scoring nearly all of her team's goals in a closer-than-it-appears 15-9 win.

Chapel Hill girls lacrosse player Kim Mulvehill
Chapel Hill girls lacrosse player Kim Mulvehill

Her team deadlocked in a tie against Landmark (Mass.) Academy, Chapel Hill coach Molly Popkin gave Mulvehill a bit of halftime advice, according to the Boston Globe:

"[Landmark]'s goalie was really good at saving shots from the waist up, especially if she set herself. So I told Kim at halftime she needed to shoot low shots or move the goalie."

Mulvehill, pictured at right, followed that advice, and then some. The junior used a mix of movement near the net and a barrage of low shots to score eight second-half goals to lead Chapel Hill to a 15-9 victory against Landmark. Making the win and Mulvehill's accomplishment all the more impressive was the fact that she hadn't exactly been quiet in the first half, either; she had already racked up five goals when Popkin told her to start shooting low.

Put the two halves of explosive scoring together, and Mulvehill's total skyrockets to an astounding 13 goals in one game, bringing her season total to 57 goals in six games, an average of more than nine per contest. The single-game total is more than some girls lacrosse stars score in an entire season, and accounted for all but two of Chapel Hill's 15 goals.

While a 13-goal game is almost certainly not the highest total in any contest nationwide this spring, the fact that Mulvehill pulled off the feat against one of her team's biggest rivals is clearly notable. A Chapel Hill player scoring 13 goals against Landmark is a bit like a Red Sox pitcher throwing a no-hitter against the Yankees; and while 18 Red Sox pitchers have thrown no hitters, only one (Rube Foster, in 1916) tossed a no-no against the Yankees (though Cy Young did pitch a no-hitter against the New York Highlanders -- the precursor to the Yankees -- in 1908).

Mulvehill's coach said that much of the junior's success is due to her incredible ability to retain possession no matter how foes attack her. Evidently, now she's added a nearly unstoppable finishing touch that could change the Chapel Hill and IGC record books by the time Mulvehill is done.

"Her cradling skills are excellent," Popkin told the Globe. "She's almost impossible to check without fouling."

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