Austrian teen pulls down catch of the weekend — and maybe season so far

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Looking for the best football catch of the weekend? If you ask Prep Rally, it didn't happen in an NFL game. It didn't happen in an NCAA game, either.

In fact, it didn't even happen on this continent. Rather, the best football catch -- and we are talking American football here -- came in Austria, where a teenager for the Austrian junior side Carinthian Lions somehow pulled in a grab over the back of a defender for the opposing Styrian Bears.

The player in question is a youngster by the name of Nikolaus Rabitch, and boy can he catch a football. While Prep Rally doesn't know the precise age of Rabitch, the Lions are all between the ages of 16 and 19, leaving Rabitch precisely in the range of American high school stars.

Needless to say, Rabitch's skills match up pretty well. Not only did he elevate above his defender -- and have far better ball awareness -- he also had the hands to pull in the catch and turn upfield for even more yardage after the catch.

Rabitch's grab may not end up being the top catch of the year, but it should certainly be in the conversation. If nothing else, it should certainly stand as the top European grab of the 2012-13 season.

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