Georgia softball shortstop drives in 7 runs in one inning

Cameron Smith
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Unlike most states, Georgia hosts its high school softball season in the fall. While that means that the sport's highlights often get overshadowed by football and volleyball action, occasionally a performance comes along that is impossible to overlook.

Chamblee shortstop Kelly Strychalski
Chamblee shortstop Kelly Strychalski

Kelly Strychalski's career-best inning on September 7 was precisely one of those occasions. During her team's 18-5 victory against Lithonia (Ga.) High, the Chamblee (Ga.) High shortstop and pitcher drove in seven runs … in a single inning.

That's right, Strychalski drove in more runs in one inning than her opponent scored in an entire game. By game's end, Strychalski was 4-for-4, including a home run and a triple.

You can probably guess which in which inning she delivered those big hits.

"[Strychalski's inning] was pretty amazing," Chamblee head softball coach Adrienne Keathley told Score Atlanta. "I do not know if it is a record or not … I would say for last week Kelly Strychalski was probably the MVP."

Chamblee shortstop Kelly Strychalski smiling with a teammate
Chamblee shortstop Kelly Strychalski smiling with a teammate

Handing the starting shortstop that honor seems like a safe bet. Incredibly, Keathley could have justified giving it to Strychalski -- who is pictured at the plate above and on the right in the photo at right -- for more than just her bat, too; the slugging star also closed out her team's victory against Lithonia … and then started its next game against Redan (Ga.) High a day later.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, that matchup produced an even more dominant -- though also more balanced -- performance from Chamblee, resulting in a 24-4 Bulldogs victory against Redan.

"[The team needs to] Just go out there and do what we practiced," Keathley told Score Atlanta.

It seems like Strychalski is taking that advice to heart. After all, it would be hard to put in a better performance anywhere, including batting practice, than she did against Lithonia.

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