Georgia soccer star scores two goals from kickoffs in one month

The video you see below comes from occurred last spring, but when it finally reached the web earlier this month it reminded us that it's never to early to get excited about spring soccer in 2011. The reason for the burst of unseasonable enthusiasm is a senior who will return as one of Georgia's leading scorers, and who just happened to score not one, but two goals off a kickoff in the course of a single month last year.

Soccer player scores kick-off goal -- twice! @ Yahoo! Video

The player in question is Tucker (Ga.) High School's Andrew Chin, who racked up an amazing 31 goals during his junior season. He scored one of his most spectacular against longtime state power McIntosh (Ga.) High, the 2007 state champions, starting with the opening kickoff of the game. With McIntosh's goalie switched off, Chin ran up to the ball and, instead of tapping it over to a teammate, gave it a boot all the way at the goal ... and over the leaping, outstretched hand of the man in the Chiefs goal. It was one of only two in the Tigers' 6-2 loss, but it had to be the most spectacular the Chiefs gave up during the 2009 season.

If that wasn't enough, Chin pulled off the exact same stunt just 17 days later against Woodward (Ga.) Academy. With the War Eagles leading 5-1 in the second half, Chin took a running start at the ball as dusk descended over the field and gave it a boot ... then watched it soar all the way into the goal.

Chin may not be the first player to drill a goal off a kickoff before, but he has to be one of the only players to pull off the move twice in a month. Not that 50-yard boomers are the only trick in Chin's bag, of course. The senior has a nifty package of moves which he'll be brining back to the Tigers this spring. Until then, we'll have to sit and reminisce about these bombs and hope that all the goaltenders who see them here might happen to daydream for just long enough this spring to give him a shot to notch deep goal number three in 2011.

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