Georgia high school sophomore somehow steals home on a botched squeeze play

As soon as Conyers (Ga.) Salem High sophomore Ndiayemon Harrison evaded the catcher's tag, spectators immediately began singing the SportsCenter theme: "DaDaDa, DaDaDa." That's how remarkable Harrison's disappearing act was in Game 2 of a doubleheader against Athens Cedar Shoals.

In an apparent squeeze play attempt, Salem sophomore Cary Campbell pulled back his bunt try on an errant pitch, but Harrison slipped as he put on the brakes between third base and home plate.

When Cedar Shoals catcher Colin Davis met him midway down the basepath for what appeared to be an easy out, somehow Harrison emerged unscathed and scampered home easily. The Cedar Shoals defense was so bewildered, another Salem baserunner sails into third safely in the meantime.

You wonder what the third-base coach's signal was for this scenario. Hopefully just a shrug.

In the scorebook, Harrison's whirling evasion goes down as a stolen base — of home no less — giving Salem a 6-0 lead on its way to an 8-0 victory and a doubleheader sweep. For the spectators in attendance, though, it should go down as a SportsCenter Top 10 play of the day.

(h/t MaxPreps)

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