Fun size WR reels off remarkable cross field run in nationally televised Florida game

Cameron Smith

Plantation (Fl.) American Heritage School upset national power Weston (Fl.) Cypress Bay High, 38-14, at the tail end of ESPN's High School Football Kickoff game, but the contest will go down in history more for two incidents that occurred during the game than the final outcome.

The first to earn national attention was Cypress Bay football coach Mark Guandolo's helmet slap for quarterback Lucas Tellefsen, an act which earned him a two week suspension. The second is the video above, which shows the second-best touchdown on offer during this very young season so far.

The wide receiver pulling off the feat you see in that video is Isaiah McKenzie, a fleet-footed, fun size wide out with top class quickness and agility. After pulling in a short screen pass and zipped and zagged 60 yards to the end zone. Of course, by the time McKenzie reached pay dirt, he had traveled fare more than 60 yards. Rather, after starting on the left flank, McKenzie -- who is a top-1oo wide receiver and top-100 Florida prospect -- cut back across to the right side of the field, moved upfield and then retreated back to the left. He probably covered more than 100 total yards on the scoring run.

According to McKenzie, the 5-foot-8, 165-pounder was just trying to make a play before the half, though he told the Miami Herald that his slight stature didn't exactly hurt his cause.

"Even though I'm small, I can do a lot of things," McKenzie told the newspaper. "Nothing is impossible to me.

"I was just trying to make a big play because I knew it was before the half and it’s usually what I do. I just took it cross field, took it back and had a couple of good blocks."

A couple good blocks and the elusiveness of a burglar. Put them together and it's a one-way ticket to the end zone for McKenzie. The receiver's only problem now will be pulling off the move again now that all of his future opponents have likely seen the early season highlight.

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