Four Mass. juniors punished for forcing freshman teammate to drink urine in ugly hazing incident

Cameron Smith
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Northbridge High's football program was host to a disgusting hazing act — Facebook
Northbridge High's football program was host to a disgusting hazing act — Facebook

Four junior members of a Massachusetts football team are facing internal punishments after a disgusting hazing incident in which they forced one of their freshman teammates to drink from a jug of their urine.

As reported by the Associated Press, Boston CBS affiliate WBZ and the Worcester Telegram & Gazette, among other sources, four members of the Northbridge (Ma.) High football team pressured a freshman player to drink from a jug of urine after he failed to complete a physical task.

WBZ reported that the "physical task" in question was a sled pad race that was staged between two freshman. The losing freshman was forced to drink urine, which of course indicates that one player or the other was always going to be hazed.

The unnamed freshman reportedly took one sip of the urine and immediately spit it out. He then told his mother of the prank and the two went directly to Northbridge police, though the boy refused to press charges, leaving the school to discipline the four junior players in question on their own.

While further prosecution could come in the future, Northbridge superintendent Dr. Nancy Spitulnik issued an official response citing issues of legal privacy as the reason why they could not be more forthcoming about the incident.

It is unfortunate that this hazing incident has occurred. It does not reflect the true nature of the Northbridge Schools. We stress respect and good sportsmanship in all our programs, and are proud of the maturity, responsibility, and sensitivity of our students. We will continue to work with students to emphasize the prohibition on all forms of hazing and bullying, while administering suitable consequences to deter future incidents.

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