Florida youngster belly flops his way to walk off homer, celebration of the weekend

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Sure, Andy Murray was emotional, but was he as excited as Cameron Oliu? Watch the highlight below and judge for yourself.

The video you see above comes from a Little League All-Star game in Florida, where the Bradenton North and South leagues pitted their best against each other. As noted by USA Today, Bradenton North was trailing by a run with two men on base when Cameron Oliu came to the plate with the chance to win the game with a single swing in the bottom of the seventh inning.

What came next was dramatic for multiple reasons. Most significantly:

  • From one Cameron to another, what are you doing swinging at a pitch that was nearly at eye level, Cameron Oliu! Who do you think you are, Vladamir Guerrero?

  • Thank goodness you swung at that high pitch Cameron Oliu!

  • Was that a belly flop into home? A face first slide? Oliu’s best seal impression?

Whatever that move was as Oliu crossed home, it symbolized both the end of a heck of a Little League all-star faceoff and the celebration of the weekend, at least according to Prep Rally’s tally.

Given a solid weekend of Major League walkoffs and a truly historic Wimbledon final, that’s an accomplishment almost equal to the win that Oliu’s bomb scored itself.

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