Florida WR may miss time for strangest injury of season: Shark bite

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Raushod Floyd may miss time with a unique shark-related injury — Student Sports
Raushod Floyd may miss time with a unique shark-related injury — Student Sports

They don't traditionally release injury reports for prep football games. If they did, Raushod Floyd would almost certainly have a one-of-a-kind entry in the injury log:

Floyd: Questionable, shark attack

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Incredibly, Floyd -- the standout star wide receiver for Daytona Beach (Fl.) Seabreeze High -- was bitten by a shark on Labor Day while enjoying a relaxing holiday afternoon in Ormond Beach, not far from his house. According to CBS Miami, Orlando TV network WFTV and other Florida outlets, Floyd and his teammates were swimming in the ocean just off the shore when he was hit in the neck by a shark and knocked underwater.

"I just, I felt like the wave come up, like bringing me upward," Floyd told WFTV. "I just felt the shark hit me in the throat and I fell back in the water."

While below the surface, Floyd was bitten by the shark. The 5-foot-11, 190-pound junior didn't realize he had been bitten until popping up from below the water and noticing that his right shoulder was bleeding profusely. The wide out and his teammates quickly scampered out of the water and got Floyd to a nearby hospital, where his wound was stitched up.

There was no immediate word on what type of shark had attacked the football star, nor when he would return to the field, though the season's second game on Friday might be too soon. Floyd helped Seabreeze to a 36-3 rout of Spruce Creek (Fl.) High in week one.

In the meantime, there's little doubt that Floyd will be steering clear of ocean swimming for the foreseeable future.

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