Florida coach fired for sending nude photos to teen 2 months after his brother was fired for same offense

Cameron Smith
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A Florida color guard coach was fired after it was revealed that he sent nude photos of himself to a male student. That act in itself is more than a fireable offense, but it was made more startling by his family's recent history with photo messages: His brother had been fired from a position at the same school for the exact same reason, except he sent nude photos to a female student.

Oviedo color guard coach Jason Ciesla — ABC News/WFTV screenshot
Oviedo color guard coach Jason Ciesla — ABC News/WFTV screenshot

The pair of sordid incidents occurred at Oviedo (Fla.) High, where Jason Ciesla served as the school's color guard coach. Ciesla's contract was officially terminated on Wednesday after a police investigation verified allegations that the 24-year-old coach sent nude photos of himself directly to a male student.

According to the police investigation and reporting from Orlando ABC affiliate WFTV, the coach was holding an on-and-off relationship with a high school student, with whom he exchanged nude photos via text message. Ciesla also reportedly invited boys from the school over to the neighborhood pool near his house.

There has been no indication as to whether Ciesla will be charged with a crime related to his nude texts. If he's as lucky as his brother, he won't, though that in itself will provide small comfort to the family of athletes to which he sent the explicit texts.

Jacob Ciesla, who is two years younger than Jason, admitted sending nude photos of himself and sexually explicit text messages to a female student in June. The messages cost the younger Ciesla his job as a basketball coach at Oviedo, but the 22-year-old avoided prosecution for harassment or other charges because the victim of his messages asked public officials not to prosecute him.

Charges or not, the Ciesla family clearly has issues with inappropriate texting. Unfortunately, now Oviedo will have to scramble to find two new coaches as a result.

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