Flo Rida donates a contender for worst football uniform of all time to his high school alma mater

Carol City's new uniforms for the 2013 season, at the behest of Flo Rida — Twitter
Carol City's new uniforms for the 2013 season, at the behest of Flo Rida — Twitter

Earlier in the 2012 season, Atlantic (Fla.) High unveilved a "unique" neon uniform which quickly drew fanfare and claims that it was the worst football uniform of all time.

Well, now Atlantic has company, thanks in large part to rapper Flo Rida.

As first noted by the Palm Beach Post, Flo Rida contacted the design firm Futuristic Woo, the same firm that designed the abomination sported by Atlantic teens this fall, in honor of Miami (Fla.) Carol City High's 50th anniversary, which will coincide with the 2013 football season. To honor the school's milestone, Flo Rida commissioned Futuristic Woo to create unique uniforms for the Chiefs.

What the firm came up with was the stunning garments and helmet above, which have far more wrong with them than they have right.

The Atlantic High uniforms, put Futuristic Woo on the map — Twitter
The Atlantic High uniforms, put Futuristic Woo on the map — Twitter

Let's see if we can document all the bizarre and garish aspects of the new Carol City duds:

  • A Native American chieftains head that splits awkwardly directly over the player's crotch. This is going to look great on the linemen, don't you think?

  • Letters and numbers that look like they're made of thick strips of masking tape … or Chiclets … or maybe Tetris blocks?

  • Sublimated arrowheads that look more like upside-down spades (as in the deck of cards, not the gardening utensil) than ancient weaponry on the sleeves.

  • Bright orange helmets with feathers overcrowded into a Michigan Wolverines-style pattern.

There are probably plenty more to dissect here, but it's hard to look at those unis too long without fear of losing one's eyesight. In fact, Prep Rally is pretty sure there's something odd going on with the gloves, too, but the images currently provided aren't quite large enough to determine precisely what that odd thing is.

To be fair, the helmets on their own might make a neat addition to existing uniforms, but as part of the entire Carol City uniform they make up just another over-elaborate flourish.

Luckily for all the Carol City supporters out there, the school won't have to pay a penny for these crimes to fashion, thanks to Flo Rida's record label IMG Strong Arm. Still, considering the fact that the Chiefs currently play in rather subdued and classic uniforms, the move to the Youso Apparel-manufactured garments will be a shock to the system for players, fans and anyone in attendance at Carol City in 2013.

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