Flashy donated Nike uniforms could lead to L.A. team's forfeit

For last Friday's East L.A. Classic, Nike spent some $100,000 outfitting traditional rivals Garfield (Calif.) High and Roosevelt (Calif.) High with brand new, state of the art uniforms and equipment. Garfield was given uniforms in the school's traditional blue and white colors while Roosevelt emerged clad in a new all-black get up.

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While Roosevelt's look was a more noticeable design change, there was one big problem with it: The all-black uniforms violated California Interscholastic Federation L.A. City Section rules, which could lead to the game being officially ruled a forfeit.

As the Los Angeles Times explains, the L.A. City Section requires that all schools wear uniforms that incorporate only that school's official colors. For Roosevelt, that's cardinal, blue and gold. Since black isn't on that list, the new uniforms from Nike violate the code, making them illegal and throwing any results from games in which they were used into question.

Since Garfield won Friday's matchup 13-3, a forfeit from the East L.A. Classic wouldn't alter the two teams' records, but it would set a precedent where Roosevelt couldn't use their flashy new uniforms again. Given the expense put in to creating them -- and the attention both teams got for using them in Friday's game -- Roosevelt coach Javier Cid doesn't want that to happen.

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There's little doubt that Garfield will keep using its new duds. According to the L.A. Times, the Bulldogs were ecstatic to find more traditional white jerseys with blue pants as part of their uniforms, as opposed to a smurfish all-blue outfit that had been rumored.

"Nobody really wanted to go all blue," Garfield quarterback Leonardo Vaal told the L.A. Times. "We saw the jerseys, everyone was excited. It was pandemonium."

Considering the fact that Garfield knocked off its rival wearing the uniforms, the odds are good we'll see them in white and blue a number of times down the road, too.

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