Fireman saves referee between hockey periods

There were plenty of saves made in Saturday's game between the Marshall (Minn.) High hockey team and its counterpart from Crookston (Minn.) High, but the best of the bunch wasn't made by the players.

According to the Duluth News Tribune, and the Associated Press, off-duty Duluth firefighter Brad Bushey, pictured above, sprung into action between the second and third periods of the high school hockey game when official Pat Milinovich collapsed. Without thinking, the veteran fireman charged down to where the referees were leaving the ice and immediately began lifesaving procedures on Milinovich, who you see below.

Bushey began chest compressions as part of CPR, and after 50 compressions, the official began breathing again.

"He was clearly in trouble. He looked blue, and he wasn't breathing," Bushey told the News Tribune.

Yet the official recovered from the incident without further issue, and is recovering in a local hospital after a stent was installed to help his heart.

The game continued after the dramatic ambulance intervention, too, with Marshall eventually skating its way to a 3-1 win over Crookston, thanks in part to the nephew of the game's biggest star, one Jake Bushey.

Yet Jake Bushey and his teammates' heroics on the ice were overshadowed by his uncle's big save, just in time for the holidays.

"I just did what I was taught to do," Bushey told "It just comes natural as a firefighter."

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