Fight after softball game leads to bat-wielding attack of police officer

Cameron Smith
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A fight between players after a high school softball game has landed one unnamed high school student in jail, after she allegedly attacked an intervening police officer with a baseball bat.

Baltimore's ACCE High School — Google Maps
Baltimore's ACCE High School — Google Maps

As reported by the Baltimore Sun, a brutal fight broke out between students of the Baltimore (Md.) Academy for College and Career Exploration and Baltimore (Md.) Reginald Lewis High. According to the Sun, no campus police officers were near the fight when it broke out at a park near the ACCE campus, but an onlooker quickly called 911 once the skirmish broke out.

It was after the police officer arrived on the scene that matters reportedly spiraled out of control. According to the Sun, a number of students from both schools had become involved in the fight, which kicked off after a softball game between the schools at ACCE. When a Baltimore school system police officer arrived on the scene to attempt to break up the skirmish he was struck with a baseball bat by a female student from Lewis, according to Baltimore City Police Department Spokesman Valencia Nock.

While no official reports of the incident have come to light as of yet, ACCE principal Quinhon Goodlowe insisted that visiting students from Lewis were to blame for the sudden violent outburst.

"As students were dispersing, students from the visiting school refused to leave our campus and ACCE students were assaulted," Goodlowe told the Sun. "The incident was contained with the help of Baltimore City School Police and Baltimore City Police."

For her part, the principal of Lewis High also voiced a healthy amount of regret that her school had been partly responsible for an act in which a Lewis student had attacked a police officer with a piece of sporting equipment used as a weapon.

"It's an unfortunate situation, one that we're certainly not proud of," Lewis principal Barney Wilson told the Sun. "We're a better school than that. It's embarrassing to the school and something we will not tolerate."

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