Fantastic Italian goal overshadowed by even better reaction by referee

Cameron Smith

An Italian high school midfielder connected on an audacious 35-yard strike which is clearly one of the prep goals of the season, regardless of nationality. Still, as incredible as the shot was, the reaction from one of the game's linesmen somehow upstaged the entire incident.

As noted by ESPN, the goal you see above was scored by ASM-Vicenza teenager Sebastian Ashton. The teen didn't expect to get a shot on goal, yet then received the ultimate soccer gift of an errant attempt to clear the ball from the defensive zone; instead of hoofing the ball to safety, an opposing defender sent it right to Ashton's boot.

That's when the Milanese teenager stopped the ball with a first touch, surveyed his options, then unleashed a masterful 35-yard strike that eluded the goalie and landed squarely in the net, good for goal of the week honors from ESPN HS.

Yet, as good as the goal was itself, it could hardly compare with the reaction from the game's linesman, who turned to the videographer and gave off a Sacha Baron Cohen, Bruno-esque "Wow!" It may not have been ethical, but it sure was hilarious.

Of course, the unnamed lineman's humor, intended or not, takes nothing from Ashton's fantastic strike. If anything, it only adds to the goal's gusto, helping ensure that it won't be forgotten anytime soon, around the training pitches of ASM-Vicenza or anywhere else.

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