Fans of Okla. powerhouse football squad cheer for opponent

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Lincoln Christian Academy (Tulsa, Okla.) is one of the top football programs in the state. The school has a 53-13 record in the past five seasons, and has also won a state title. In short, they're a perennial playoff and title contender.

Seeworth Academy (Oklahoma City, Okla.) is exactly the opposite. The school barely has enough players to field a varsity football team, with most of its students focused on academics. Seeworth serves as a charter school for at-risk students, so athletics are a cherry on top of the proverbial sundae.

That number crunch hasn't yielded particularly good results, or any amount of fans. That has left the team slogging through a quiet season of epic obstacles. For one night, they got an exemption from those travails in the form of some unexpected fans.

As reported by Tulsa CW affiliate NewsOn6, when Seeworth visited Lincoln Christian on Friday night, a large group of Lincoln Christian fans left their traditional spots behind the Lincoln bench, walked to the other side of the school's East Tulsa stadium, and set up behind the Seeworth bench.

They brought signs and loud, raucous cheers. And all of the slogans and cheers were pro-Seeworth, as Lincoln supporters attempted to make the players from the inner-city school feel more comfortable.

"This isn't about wins and losses," Ethan Vanse, campus pastor at Lincoln Christian told Newson6. "I think when you hear their story, there something inside of us that says I want to do something for them.

"Life isn't about what you take; it's about what you give."

The thoughts and acts from the Lincoln fans clearly made an impact on the Seeworth players and coaching staff.

"A lot of the kids that we work with don't get this much support," said Coach Robert Walker.

"A lot of these kids they really don't know what the playoff experience is like, and this is about as close as they may ever get to it," said Robert Walker. "We'll remember this long after the season is over."

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