Face time: Player in boys basketball game scores in unusual way

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Max Nolen scored two points in a recent high school basketball game in a fashion he probably couldn't duplicate if he tried 100 times. And trying 100 times would be painful.

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Yes, that is Nolen, a senior on the Tharptown boys basketball team in Russellville, Alabama, scoring in the video above when a pass from a teammate redirected off his head and into the basket. It looks like fellow senior Matthew Brasuell gets a piece of the ball as it passes him and he reaches for it. If he did alter it's path slightly it would explain why Nolen missed it so badly.

The greatest part about this memorable moment is that Max immediately pumps his fist after the score. He didn't care for a minute how the ball went in the net. He's clearly all about winning.

Max's girlfriend, Ashlyn Vandiver, shared the video and worried in conversations on Twitter that Max would be known only for this play and not for the fact that he's a very good basketball player. This much is true, he's done something on the court the best players in the world couldn't hope to replicate.

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