Epic ejection tantrum by juniors hockey player in Canada is one for the ages

There are epic teenage temper tantrums, and then there’s the wild fit that was thrown by a Canadian junior hockey player in Ontario.

As reported by Prep Rally’s Canadian brotherly junior hockey blog Buzzing the Net, 17-year-old Kingston (Ont.) Frontenacs defenseman Ryan Hutchinson found himself drawn into a scrap with Erie (Pa.) Otters star Jake Evans after Evans checked Hutchinson into the boards from behind. Given what precipitated it, perhaps it is no major surprise that Hutchinson swiveled and began tossing punches at Evans.

The fighting major led to an ejection for Hutchinson, who then proceeded to react as aggressively -- and perhaps hilariously -- as possible.

First, Hutchinson tried to boot an Otters helmet strewn on the ice into the stands. That turned out to be a total failure, with the helmet causing Hutchinson to slip an land on his rear end on the ice in front of a rabid Erie crowd.

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With the embarrassment now setting in, Hutchinson was escorted off the ice, slamming his own helmet to the ice as he trotted off. Still not appeased, the bulky defenseman found a chair and tossed it toward the exit doors, WWE style.

That’s when the second Keystone Kops reaction set in. Just check out the look on the middle schoolers’ face as they trot out from behind the Erie locker rooms just as Hutchinson makes his way in.

According Buzzing the New, the game -- and by connection, the penalty -- were actually pivotal for Kingston’s playoff hopes. Naturally, that doesn’t justify Hutchinson’s reaction, though it may make why it happened a little more understandable.

So long as everyone can keep laughing and no one gets hurt, Hutchinson’s rant, and others, aren’t the end of the world, either.

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