Entire New Orleans prep football team tramples cheerleader in unfortunate banner mishap

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

It's not enough that the Edna Karr High (New Orleans, La.) football squad has fallen out of the Prep Rally Poll Championship Series, of no fault of their own. Now Karr is the subject of one of the more unfortunate accidents of the football season.

As you can see above, a Karr cheerleading picked a very poor time to attempt an ill-fated dash in front of the school's run-through sign before one of the team's recent games. Needless to say, she didn't make it, and was trampled by a stampeding cavalcade of quite large Karr varsity football players.

The good news was that the cheerleader was able to scamper away after a few seconds -- as evidenced by her absence from the ground once the team had run by -- and was not mortally injured. Other stampede victims could only hope to be so lucky.

Video of the accident was first published by World Star Hip Hop and later found its way around the web. So, despite being a legitimate top-50 football team, if not top-25, Karr's 2013 campaign may be more recognized for a mild cheerleader injury than anything else.

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