Egyptian hoops super prospect stranded in Cairo amidst political violence

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

As blood continues to spill on the streets of Cairo, the future of Egypt as a political democracy remains in question. Meanwhile, many have fled the country in search of safer havens for their life and livelihood.

One of those refugees had a clear vision for his own future: He was going to play high school basketball and earn a college scholarship. Now those plans have been frozen indefinitely while the American embassy focuses on emergency support as opposed to visa paperwork and other traditional duties.

As reported by MaxPreps, Moataz Hosny finds himself in the middle of a unique diplomatic quandary. There is no reason why he should pose any threat to the U.S., and there is no sentiment that anyone would begrudge him the opportunity to play for LaPorte (Ind.) La Lumiere High, the powerhouse Midwestern program that recruited him to serve as the team's starting big man for the 2013-14 season. Nonetheless, he appears to have no opportunity to make the trip to the U.S. simply because he can't get anyone to listen to his visa hearing.

There's a good reason why Hosny was chased down by La Lumiere: The teen can really play. A would-be senior, Hosny stands 6-foot-9 and averaged an impressive 10.6 points, 5 rebounds and 4 blocks per game at the FIBA U17 World Championships in 2012. He was even better against the champion U.S. squad, notching 13 points, 5 rebounds and 5 blocks in a loss.

Egyptian superstar Moataz Hosny has been unable to get a visa during the uprising — Twitter
Egyptian superstar Moataz Hosny has been unable to get a visa during the uprising — Twitter

Those stats captured the eye of plenty of coaches, La Lumiere head man Alan Huss among them. Huss arranged for Hosny to join the team and had everything lined up for Hosny to get a simple visa, right up until the point when Egypt erupted with a military coup and weeks of instability thereafter.

Throughout it all, Huss and Hosny have remained in contact, though the coach admitted that his would be post star may remain a continent apart for some time to come, particularly after two visa appointments in Cairo were cancelled.

Even a prospective request for a visa appointment in Kenya -- which Hosny could fly to in order to get U.S. clearance -- came to nought.

"He's had a difficult time," Huss told MaxPreps. "He got a late start due to the fact that he was with the senior national team for a while and he's had two different visa appointments canceled.

"We've been in constant communication. Other than him saying it's pretty bad, I haven't asked him about it a whole lot."

As it stands, Huss may still have plenty more opportunities to get Hosny's take on Egypt's political instability. For the moment he's just stuck doing so remotely.

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