Dueling failed dunk attempts break backboard

Here's a riddle: What happens when two different players go up to slam home a rebound at the same time, but both miss the ball and get the rim instead? Well, thanks to Dillard (Fla.) High stars Jeremiah Eason and Staphon Blair, now we know for sure, as you can see below.

The rim malfunction in the video caused a premature ending to Dillard's game against Montverde Academy, with 2:36 still remaining in the game when Eason and Blair combined to render a full-court basketball contest impossible. The two teams were facing off at the South Florida MLK Basketball Classic, and, according to the South Florida Sun Sentinel, a later game at the event had to be delayed an hour and 15 minutes while a new backboard was installed to replace the one the Dillard players ripped down.

"I was mad because we were losing so I went for the putback to dunk it on somebody and I guess I missed it," Blair told the Sun Sentinel. "We both hung on the rim. This is the first time this has happened to me."

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Not surprisingly, it was also the first time Eason had been involved in a broken backboard situation, let alone one in which the attempted dunk wasn't actually converted. In this case, Blair appeared to come out better than his teammate, with Eason forced to deal with multiple minor cuts from falling glass.

The minor nicks didn't seem to dampen Eason's humor about the way the whole event unfolded.

"I guess we were both trying to do the same thing," Eason told the Sun Sentinel. "This just brightened up my day."

His day might have been brighter, but Eason's coach probably wasn't thrilled with the game's result. Montverde was leading Dillard 58-42 when the backboard came down, with that score declared the final once the lengthy delay needed to install a new rim was confirmed.

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Somehow, we doubt that anyone will think of the final score when they look back on this matchup years from now. After all, a bizarrely broken backboard sure seems a lot more memorable than 100 combined points.

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