Disgusting Minnesota locker room urine antics leaves school officials scratching their heads

Cameron Smith

Good-natured antics are a part of high school life, particularly in athletics. Yet what happened during a Minnesota football game on Friday night went far beyond even the most far-reaching definitions of antics. What happened in Minneapolis was simply disgusting.

As reported by Minnesota CBS affiliate WCCO, the Friday night football game between Minneapolis (Minn.) Mound Westonka High and Princeton (Minn.) High was marred by the bizarre and disturbing discovery that someone had snuck into the girl's locker room used by visiting Mound Westonka following the game and urinated inside a number of the school's lockers.

The aftermath left the Princeton girls soccer team stuck with equipment soaked with pee, with everything from balls to uniforms needing a thorough scrubbing.

"I think it's disgusting," Princeton student Taylor Sleen told WCCO. "Why would you do that to someone else's stuff? The soccer balls were all full of it and some soccer people's shoes were all yellow and stuff -- it's gross."

The question now being asked is, who was responsible for the incident? While the school's locker rooms are traditionally cleaned and locked following evening games, officials claim that was not done on Friday night, leaving all prospective suspects still firmly in the frame of consideration.

Mound Westonka has neither confirmed nor denied that their athletes were involved, with superintendent Kevin Borg claiming that the district continues to investigate its athletes about the incident. For their part, Princeton officials have steadfastly refused to point a finger at the visiting team, despite the fact that Mound Westonka came up short in a disappointing game.

In the meantime, both districts claim that investigations will continue in the interest of maintaining respectable standards of sportsmanship for both programs.

"We are currently investigating the incident. We have been in contact with school officials from the Mound Westonka School District," Lahn said. "They have been extremely cooperative in working with us to insure the importance of proper sportsmanship is reinforced with students and athletes from both school districts."

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