Diddy's son gets shot at football league title this weekend

Justin Combs doesn't have the life of a normal teenager. For starters, the Iona Prep (N.Y.) School junior was accompanied on his 16th birthday by hip-hop starlet Nicki Minaj, and received a brand new Maybach, among other gifts. Suffice to say, Combs lives in the lap of luxury.

Still, according to the New York Daily News, the oldest child of Hip-Hop mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs is just one of the guys on the football field, where he's emerged as an impressive starting cornerback and backup quarterback for Iona Prep, which will play for New York City's Catholic High School Football League title this weekend.

"I don't want to be treated different from anyone else," Combs told the Daily News. "I want to have the same treatment. I love exactly the way [Iona Prep coach Vic Quirolo] put me through everything because it taught me just to work hard to move up the ranks and it taught me life lessons."

In fact, while Diddy Combs' life is based on showmanship, even he is just an average football father at Iona Prep games. His son said that he can hear his father yelling advice at him from the stands, where Diddy blends in with the other Iona Prep fathers.

Combs' teammates have been able to get a taste of their famous teammate's luxurious lifestyle -- they were all in attendance at his aforementioned Sweet 16 party -- but for the most part, the famous father-son pairing act just like every other parent-child group associated with the program, right down to the part where Justin feels he is trying to live out some of his father's unfulfilled athletic dreams.

"[Diddy] wanted to go to the NFL, but he broke his leg his senior season [of high school football], so his dreams got shut down," Justin Combs told the Daily News.

"So I'm living them for him right now. He just says, ‘Cherish every moment and every play and go as hard as you can.'"

Quirolo won't commit to Combs being the starting quarterback for his senior season, but he isn't ruling it out, either. Regardless of whether Combs is taking snaps, running wide-receiver patterns or covering those wideouts himself, Quirolo has little doubt that he'll keep fitting in with the rest of the Iona program.

"He's just one of the guys," said Quirolo, who's in his seventh season. "You don't look at him like [Diddy's son] at all. I don't think he's wanted any special treatment. He's down to earth."

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