Detroit gym teacher sets world record for blindfolded free throws in one hour

It wasn't exactly thrilling for those in attendance, but Detroit (Mich.) Frederick Douglass Academy gym teacher Paul Sauers set an unofficial world record of 483 free throws made in one hour while blindfolded.

"At the moment he started, it was thrilling," coworker Michael Walters told "At the moment of hitting the 150-mark ... That was exciting. At the end, when he was getting up into the 400's, those might have been exciting but the rest of the time in between was like watching paint dry."

Sauers airballed his first attempt, but found his stroke on his fourth try and ultimately reached 483 in 60 minutes, according to a video he released on his YouTube account. As noted, his sons Caleb, Ben and Michael rebounded, fed him balls and provided direction when his shot was off, respectively.

The Guinness Book of World Records is currently efforting to confirm Sauers' achievement, which took place in front of about 25 witnesses. Nobody had attempted the feat under Guinness guidelines before.

While the soundtrack of "Kings & Queens" by Christian rock band Audio Adrenaline spices up the video, the real excitement over Sauers' accomplishment comes with the knowledge he stood at the charity stripe to raise awareness for orphaned children in Africa on behalf of the Rafiki Foundation.

According to, Sauers raised $1,500 with his world record attempt for an upcoming service-mission trip to Uganda, where he will spend the next two years as headmaster of a school for orphaned children. Two of his six children are adopted, so this cause is a personal one for the Detroit gym teacher.

"I think I'm going to sign up through Guinness officially again to set a couple of more records," Sauers told "The reason I'm going to do that is because I'd like to capitalize on what I've done already. I'd like to do it as a stepping stone to possibly raise more support."

Advertisements appear on the YouTube video Sauers published, so each view helps fund his mission, too. 

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