Deion Sanders under investigation for alleged assault of Prime Prep Academy teacher over academic performance of athletes

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Since founding Prime Prep Academy, Deion Sanders has been no stranger to controversy. In the school's first six months after opening, its football team was not admitted into UIL competition, there was a notable confrontation with a Dallas reporter and a dismal first season marked by a lack of competitive games.

Deion Sanders lashed out at a reporter who has been critical of his school — Associated Press
Deion Sanders lashed out at a reporter who has been critical of his school — Associated Press

Things have progressed since then -- albeit with a bizarre new school mascot -- but Sanders suddenly finds himself back in the spotlight for the wrong reasons again. According to the Dallas Morning News, the co-coach of the Prime Prep football team is under police investigation for potential assault after an incident that occurred at a Prime Prep faculty meeting.

Prime Prep employee Kevin Jefferson has alleged that he was grabbed by the throat and thrown to the ground by Sanders when he attempted to defend himself against Sanders, who voiced displeasure that student athletes at the school were not performing well in the classroom.

Here's how Jefferson described his encounter with Sanders to the Morning News:

"He was a little upset and a little emotional," Jefferson said, and he and Sanders got into a verbal disagreement. Jefferson told police that he told the suspect not to speak to him that way, according to a police report.

"He walked back to the back of the classroom to where I was sitting in a desk," Jefferson told Tanya Eiserer. "As he got closer to me, I stood up because he was kind of standing over me and he just kind of kept talking to me and at me and then he just grabbed me by my throat and kind of threw me to the ground. Some people had to get him off of me."

Sanders has vigorously defended his actions both on Dallas TV network WFAA and on his personal Twitter account, calling Jefferson a "fake administrator" among other claims.

Deion Sanders — Twitter
Deion Sanders — Twitter
Deion Sanders has defended himself on Twitter — Twitter
Deion Sanders has defended himself on Twitter — Twitter

Jefferson said he will investigate his legal options against Sanders following the incident, noting that he was particularly disappointed that the physical encounter occurred on school grounds.

At this point the school has yet to release any information about the status of Sanders or Jefferson. Prime Prep Academy co-founder D.L. Wallace was asked about Sanders' status by the Dallas Morning News but declined to comment citing privacy regarding personnel matters.

"I just think it's unacceptable in a professional environment particularly at a school for that kind of behavior to go on," Jefferson told the Morning News.

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