Deion Sanders’ solution to Prime Prep’s district ban? Beg for games in Oklahoma

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Deion Sanders' Dallas (Texas) Prime Prep Academy football team is desperate for games. It's been banned from competing against teams in their home Class 3A district (the press since then hasn't been too great, either), and has struggled to find anyone willing to give them a game.

Prime Prep co-head coach Deion Sanders — YouTube
Prime Prep co-head coach Deion Sanders — YouTube

The exception to those circumstances has come when Prime Prep has forayed far from home, heading across the Red River and into Oklahoma. So far Prime Prep has contested just one game in Oklahoma, in addition to two against teams from outside the University Interscholastic League (which governs Texas high school sports), but Sanders has now said that his team could very well become a pseudo out-of-state team, giving a tacit nod to the Oklahoman that Prime Prep could play as games as possible in Oklahoma.

"We're willing to come back," Sanders told the Oklahoman. "I think the whole month of October is open."

That lack of scheduled games is, in itself, a scary thought. Prime Prep is two weeks away from having a bye month, not just a bye week.

That could change depending on the endorsement the program receives from Millwood (Okla.) High, which routed Prime Prep 40-12 on Friday. The schools gave no indication that the matchup between the cross-border foes was anything but cordial, despite the final scoreline.

At 0-3, those routs have been the rule rather than the exception for Prime Prep. Yet, in a twist, that may make some Oklahoma schools more willing to add the team to their own schedule at such late notice.

"We're not stacking the deck, you can see that. We're 0-3. We're just trying to get these guys games to allow them to do what they're gifted to do."

If they don't get games, Prime Prep will fade into an extraordinarily early offseason by default, which is something neither Deion or any of the players in the program itself had ever planned on.

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