Dancing ref lightens up California youth football

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Everything in sports is taken too seriously these days ... even youth football. While a Florida league tries to eradicate over-wrought high-stakes sports betting and teams in Texas try to duplicate the trick-play magic weaved by Driscoll Middle School quarterback Jason Garza, one referee just wants to put the fun back in football.

As highlighted by The Score, video has emerged of a rather energetic ref in Southern California who has taken to dancing out his signals between downs. Forget precision whistles and dramatic arm waving; this guy has more flair than all of that combined.

While little is known about the identity of the dancing referee, or what his true life goals are (is he hoping for a spot on "Dancing With the Stars"? Cabaret in his future?), there's little denying that he brought a new level of joy and excitement to a game which seemed to be lackluster at best.

That statement is probably applicable to both the actual game the dancing ref was overseeing, and youth football in general. Here's hoping he's starting a trend, particularly given that his taped antics seem destined to become a viral smash hit.

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