Dallas braces for traffic meltdown with two big games at one site

We have no intention of becoming a blog focused solely on the mind-bending playoff site decisions made by University Interscholastic League procedures and officials in Texas, but the organization is sure making a push to prove one could do that if they really wanted to. The latest involves what could prove to be the holiday traffic jam to end all traffic jams in south Dallas.

According to the Dallas Morning News, the Class 3A Division II state semifinal football game will take place at exactly the same time on Friday night as the showpiece game of a prominent prep basketball tournament hosted by Heat power forward Chris Bosh, with the aforementioned hoops showdown featuring two state-ranked teams and one of the nation's most highly regarded prospects, the dunk phenom and Oklahoma State commit you see at right, LeBryan Nash.

Those two games alone aren't enough to make already nasty Dallas gridlock any worse. What will do it is that the two events are taking place at facilities on different ends of the same athletic complex. The football game will be hosted at Kincaide Stadium, which seats 15,000 and could be a nearly-full house, while the basketball game is scheduled to be played at Davis Fieldhouse, which quite naturally hosts far fewer, but will probably be packed to see Nash's Lincoln (Texas) High face off against The Colony (Texas) High.

If the 16,000+ people in the area weren't enough, consider the fact that all of the football fans from both Carthage (Texas) High and Brownwood (Texas) High, will have to travel between two and three hours to reach Kincaid Stadium, which ensures nearly all of them will be traveling in small groups in cars.

That leads to the real dilemma: All those fans are supposed to fit into just 3,000 parking spots. Quite naturally, that's never going to happen. Dallas Independent School District officials claim that overflow parking for the two sites will be available at nearby D.A. Hulcy Middle School, but it's easy to imagine that even those overflow spots could be taken up well before either contest gets started, leaving fans that travelled hours to poke around nearby neighborhoods in a desperate attempt to find parking before their game starts.

It's too late to change either one of the sites, but clearly, this is another case where Texas officials should have considered other events going on near an un-sited football game before granting use of a stadium.

All DISD and UIL had to do to avoid this possible parking meltdown was declare Kincaid Stadium unavailable because of the Bosh tournament and send Carthage and Brownwood to another site in the Dallas metroplex, which is certainly big enough to have any number of stadiums which would have fit both schools' needs.

Instead, Dallas ISD officials made a quick grab for cash, and football fans that are traveling to support their teams are probably going to be the people hurt by that decision.

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