Dallas-area coaches get probation for Sunday video session

Two Dallas-area coaches have found themselves in a lot of hot water because they broke a common Christian and University Interscholastic League commandment: On the seventh day they refused to rest.

According to the Dallas Morning News, the UIL placed Highland Park basketball coach David Piehler -- pictured on the left in the photo at right -- and assistant coach Travis Snowden on a one-year probation because the two held a video review session on a Sunday, a move which violated the organization's "Sunday prohibition rule," which forbids teams from participating in any organized activity on a Sunday.

The Sunday rule -- which is outlined in great detail in Section 1206 of the UIL Constitution -- explicitly outlaws showing any film from games or holding meetings to discuss plays or view action from previous games. The full description left the two coaches little chance of wiggle room to escape from any penalty, a reprimand that was handed down Monday.

The probation can't keep Highland Park from postseason action, but it does put both Piehler and Snowden on thin ice. Any additional disciplinary actions could lead to game suspensions for the coaches, or other restrictions on the team.

With the program on edge, it would seem unlikely that future violations would come, yet there's always the possibility of an innocuous slip up, one which the program can no longer afford because of a strange and rare Sunday slip up.

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