Crazy lax announcer celebrates goal with fake website incorporating ‘hoes’

Of all the unique, strange and bizarre calls by sports announcers over the years, few can compete with the one you will hear below, courtesy of announcer Booker Corrigan, who was providing play-by-play for a game between traditional powers Garden City (N.Y.) High and Baltimore (Md.) St. Paul's School in the 2012 LI-Baltimore challenge. Garden City eventually prevailed, 9-6, for a fairly historic victory in the series between the two schools.

In case you didn't catch that whole mouthful, Corrigan said that Garden City goalscorer Ron Savage "logs on to" Need that parsed out further? Here goes: "www dot I just flat out bring old school hoes to the party dot com."

Make much sense to you? Us either. While no one can claim the goal call was anything less than ridiculously original, it also was pretty inappropriate for prep lacrosse. Something tells Prep Rally that the Garden City girls lacrosse program -- or at least the parents involved in it -- wouldn't be thrilled if one of their goals was celebrated by a faux website celebrating teenagers who bring "old school hoes" to parties, be they of the illicit or punch and pie variety.

In fact, as Awful Announcing pointed out, it's not a particularly good idea to ever combine lacrosse and the word "hoe" given certain legal cases that unfolded in and around Durham, N.C.

In Corrigan's defense, the announcer told Awful Announcing on Twitter that the call was definitely not premeditated.

ESPNBooker: @awfulannouncing it was totally spur of the moment. Off the cuff. Shooting from the hip. #racetonifty

It seems pretty clear that Corrigan didn't mean to offend anyone with his call, and given his existing play-by-pay reel -- which includes using Notorious B.I.G. lyrics -- this current over-exuberant snafu should come as no surprise.

Still, given lacrosse's troubled past with violence and rape allegations (proven or disproven), Corrigan's call probably should have been a little less off the cuff, just to be safe.

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