Complete front flip in middle of scrimmage TD run by mystery RB may be play of the year

Forget all of the other highlight reel plays you've seen this year. Until Jerome Simpson pulls off another front-flip touchdown, this is your play of the season, probably at any level.

First things first: Neither Prep Rally nor anyone else (that this blog has seen at least) has been able to identify who the player making this remarkable flip is. Regardless, we know that A) he's a high school running back, and B) boy is he ever athletic.

UPDATE: We now know that the school taking part in this intra-squad scrimmage is Oklahoma City (Ok.) Putnam City West. While we still can't be certain of the identity of the running back making the spectacular play above, he is clearly wearing jersey number 11 in the scrimmage, which would indicate he's a senior named Lyle Pipestem, who is listed primarily as a safety on the Putnam City West official web site. Whether this actually was Pipestem or another of his Oklahoma City teammates remains to be confirmed, but Prep Rally will bring that information to you as soon as it can be verified.

As you can see in the video above, the stud in question eluded one flying tackle attempt, pushed forward and launched himself over a second attempted tackle, landing on his feet and racing off down the field to paydirt.

The video was uploaded by a Google user named Stephen McMennamy, though his Google Plus information gives us little clue about him outside of his name. It was first brought to Prep Rally's attention by Deadspin's Barry Petchesky, but he couldn't make any inroads about the mystery player's ID, either, though Prep Rally continues to work on identifying him, made easier thanks to reader tips that the team involved is Putnam City West.

Whoever it is, we hope that he's receiving the requisite recruiting attention he deserves. This might be one of the most athletic plays of recent years, even if it didn't land on any official stat sheets because it came in a scrimmage.

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